1. HTTP Base URL
All APIs requested URIs in this document contains this base URL:
2. Requested parameters
Splice 'Base URL' and 'API URLs' as a complete request URL.
Account authentication:
HTTP request header:
Schematic diagram
4. Parameter specification
Attribute Type Constraint Explanation
accountSid String Required Developer Account SID, the unique identifier of developer(32 characters of letters and numbers).
sig String Required Signature is for authentication. Read the generative rules down below.
Accept String Required HTTP response data format: application/json
Content-Type String Required Type:application/json;charset=utf-8
Authorization String Required The generating method of authentication information is down below.
1. Base URL and verifying
  • Account Authentication: UCLBRT cloud server will verify the token in HTTP request.
2. Signature verifying parameter 'sig'(Unlike the Get Door Opening Log interface)
  • URL must contains 'sig' parameter, like: sig=AAABBBCCCDDDEEEFFFGGG
  • Encrypt by MD5( Account SID + Auth Token + timestamp)with md5 and get a 32 characters string. You may find Account SID and Auth Token in the management console.
  • Timestamp is the current time of your system(format: yyyyMMddHHmmss), and the effective time is within 24-hour, for example '20190109171920' is 17:19:20 of 9/January, 2019.
  • 'sig' needs to be uppercase.
3. Authorization, authentication information in HTTP header.
  • Encrypt 'Account SID' + ':' + 'timestamp' with Base64, Account SID can be found in 'developer account' page.
  • Use ASCII ':' instead of UTF-8 ':' .
  • Timestamp is the current time of your system(format: yyyyMMddHHmmss), the same as the timestamp in 'sig' parameter.
4. Response format
  • UCLBRT cloud platform interface support message format : JOSN and XML. Through the request header field ”Accept”,then it can decide the inclusion and response package type,eg :Accept:application/json; Request type format is JOSN; Requires the server response type is also JOSN ;Accept:application/xml; Request type format is XML ,Requires the server response type is also XML.
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