The developer encapsulates the corresponding parameters according to the requirements to get the card issuer device MAC.The issuance, card reading, and logout interfaces of the proximity card require the user to download the lock dispenser application to match the interface for card issuance, card reading, logout, etc.。You don’t need to bind the MAC if your lock is QRLock or RFLock-V9.
2.Request address
3.Request method
4. Parameter specification
Attribute Type Constraint Explanation
sig String Required Request signature
accountSid String Required Developer Account SID, the unique identifier of developer(32 characters of letters and numbers).
communityNo String Required Community No.
5.Signature generation rule
Sequentially splice accountSid, communityNo, authToken and then use MD5 to encrypt it to get sig, which is retrieved from developer data.
6.Request samples
Successful result:
{"status": 200,"info": "success","data": [{"id": "4221","mac": "7C010A8C7Y9C"}]}
Failure reason returning:
{"status": 5118,"info": "No data is available","message": "No MAC is available"}
7. SDK
Hardware Consulting