The developer encapsulates the corresponding parameters as required to read the room card.The issuance, card reading, and logout interfaces of the proximity card require the user to download the lock dispenser application to match the interface for card issuance, card reading, logout, etc.This feature requires administrators to turn on issuing print permissions for members in member management.
2.Request address
3.Request method
4. Parameter specification
Attribute Type Constraint Explanation
sig String Required Request signature
issueMac String Required Card IssuermacAddress,Lock type为QRLOCK、RFLOCK-V9时,此Required parameters为空
accountSid String Required Developer Account SID, the unique identifier of developer(32 characters of letters and numbers).
communityNo String Required Community No.
creatorAreaCode String Optional Area code in front of the app phone number(Corresponding creatorMobile)
creatorMobile String Optional Mobile number, this mobile number user should be the same as the application user(Either CreatorMobile or CreatoreMail must be filled in. If both are filled in, CreatorMobile will prevail)
creatorEmail String Optional The mailbox, this mailbox user should be the same as the application user(Either CreatorMobile or CreatoreMail must be filled in. If both are filled in, CreatorMobile will prevail)
creatorPassword String Required User password encrypted by md5, corresponding to the user in the creator account field
operateCardType String Required The type of induction card for the operation. Lock types can be viewed in the web end room management of lock cabinets, when the lock type is RFLOCK-V9 pass 2, lock type is QRLOCK pass 3, the remaining lock types are all passed to 4 (the remaining lock types include QRALOCK, QRBLOCK, QRMLOCK, QRNLOCK)
5.Signature generation rule
Sequentially splicing accountSid, communityNo, issueMac, creatorAreaCode, creatorMobile, creatorPassword, authToken and then using md5 to obtain sig, authToken is obtained from the developer data.
When the CreatorAreaCode and CreatorMobile are not empty, the concatenation string is as follows, and then MD5 is used to get the sig:
sig = md5(str) = "33530dfce0e597db45a6762132a41c8a"
When the creatorAreaCode and creatorMobile are empty, there is no need to concatenate them because they are empty strings. The concatenate strings are as follows, and then MD5 is used to obtain the sig:
sig = md5(str) = "643b8c19f3207ac1afd5c56ffe48bbb8"
6.Request samples
Successful result:
(The field of cardNo will be effective when the parameter of operateCardType is 2 and the issue type belongs to V9-Mifare.)
{"status":200,"info":"success","data":{"serialNum":"42873467","cardtype":"6","batchno":"000","buildername":"WIFIBuilding","floorname":"wifiFloor","builderno":"005","floorno":"003","roomno":"QR11","starttime":"2020-08-07 16:26:47","endtime":"2020-11-11 11:05:00","islost":"0","owner":"me is pu","remark":"","week":"0","cardNo":"84DC7"}}
Failure reason returning:
{ "status": 6200, "info": "Read card 错误" }
7. SDK
Hardware Consulting