1.API for QR Master online room card fetching
Developers deliver the required parameters via HTTP request, so that the users of their products can get QR code keys without logging in.
2. API SDK and demos:
Language Explanation Download Version
php php_sdk instructions Download SDK and DEMO V2.0
java java_sdk instructions Download SDK and DEMO V2.0
c# c#_sdk instructions Download SDK and DEMO V2.0
3. Request URL
Development guide
用户发起请求,封装Required parameters(Community No.、Obtain cardsMobile、AccountSID、AuthToken、Time戳),先PassedRSAEncrypt,得to数据串再进行UrlEncodeEncrypt,Encrypt后数据串替换{data}中data值,详细请参照 Development documentation
5. Parameter specification
Attribute Type Constraint Explanation
id String Required Developers Account SID, the unique identifier of developer(32 characters of letters and numbers).
token String Required Developer's Auth Token
mobile String Required Phone number,the parameter sent when you create room card
communityNo String Required Community No.
cardNo String Optional If you receive the parameter,(room card No., the identification of the room card) in the request, you can only obtain the certain room card. Without this parameter, you can obtain all of the cards.
time string Required UNIX timestamp, for example:1448523919
areaCode String Optional The user's mobile phone belongs to the country area code, the parameters passed when creating the room card, pay attention to the number before no other characters, default 86.
cardType String Optional Key type (0: room card, 1: floor card, 2: building card, default 0 when not being transmitted).
6.Request samples
Request datas
id: 98651082ab89c3f1b50f35caf794179f;
mobile: 13333333333
token:  e687bc93c89b9b59611de521a70ed4
communityNo: 1316879945
cardType: 0
time: 1448523919
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